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Think we're just another testing tool vendor? Not quite. At Tenon, we're committed to ensuring your web accessibility efforts are successful. That includes supporting you as you add Tenon into your design, development, QA, content, and compliance efforts.

Accessibility Testing, Consulting, Training, and Development


Effective accessibility testing involves more than just finding problems, but offering direct and clear guidance on how to fix the problems found. Our testing methodology is rigorous, accurate, and thorough, offering unprecedented efficiency. Our goal isn't just to find accessibility problems, but to assist you in bringing your system in compliance as quickly as possible.


If you sell ICT products and services such as software, hardware, or web-based products to the Federal Government, chances are they're going to ask you for a VPAT. It is also often the case that State Governments and, increasingly, higher education customers will ask for one. The VPAT is a document in which you disclose the state of your product's compliance with the technical provisions of Section 508.

Creating a VPAT requires a thorough review of your product by a skilled reviewer who understands both your product and Section 508 & WCAG. Generally it isn't a good idea to write your own VPAT unless you have skilled accessibility SMEs in house.

We have done dozens of VPATs over the years and, after thorough review, can ensure that your VPAT deliverable is clear, accurate, and honest.


Tenon's founder, Karl Groves, has trained hundreds of developers, designers, QA staff, and project managers on accessibility in 5 different countries on 3 different continents. No single person delivering accessibility training has the depth and breadth of experience in web development and accessibility as Karl Groves.

We offer training on design, development, and testing. Training can be delivered in-person or online and we also offer pre-built video training modules that are SCORM-compliant.


Effectively ensuring you're successful in accessibility requires more than just auditing and remediation. It requires new approaches, policies, procedures, and practices.

We have the experience necessary to assist customers handle high-risk situations like lawsuits, demand letters, and OCR complaints. We have experience helping to guide our customers in adding accessibility to policy, program/ project management, and procurement.


All of Tenon's Web Development staff have at least 10 years experience in development. We have the knowledge necessary to both develop and remediate modern web systems to ensure they're accessible.

One of the biggest differences between Tenon and other accessibility consulting firms is that every single person involved in testing and consulting also writes code every single day. This means we can also write the code for your product, ensuring it is accessible.

Integration Development

The Tenon team can help you integrate Tenon into your workflow via custom development projects that tailor Tenon API usage and reporting to meet exacting needs. Examples of custom development work include (but are not limited to):

  • Integration of the Tenon API tests within your CMS's publishing workflow.
  • Scripting of automated tests and test templates for use by QA personnel and as part of continuous integration (CI) processes.
  • Developing customized reporting outputs to issue tracking systems like JIRA, GitHub Issues, ALM, Jenkins, and more.
  • IDE/code editor integration for linting code for accessibility issues within developers' local environment.

Enhanced Support

All Tenon subscribers get basic support. We also offer Enhanced Support, especially for advice, guidance, or consulting on custom implementations or integrations when standing up Tenon in enterprise environments. Customers can choose to purchase support hours in bulk to ensure that Tenon staff are available to answer questions and offer help on an ad-hoc basis.