Think we're just another testing tool vendor? Not quite. At Tenon, we're committed to ensuring your web accessibility efforts are successful. That includes supporting you as you add Tenon into your design, development, QA, content, and compliance efforts.

Integration Development

The Tenon team can help you integrate Tenon into your workflow via custom development projects that tailor Tenon API usage and reporting to meet exacting needs. Examples of custom development work include (but are not limited to):

  • Integration of the Tenon API tests within your CMS's publishing workflow.
  • Scripting of automated tests and test templates for use by QA personnel and as part of continuous integration (CI) processes.
  • Developing customized reporting outputs to issue tracking systems like JIRA, GitHub Issues, ALM, Jenkins, and more.
  • IDE/code editor integration for linting code for accessibility issues within developers' local environment.


Understanding the fundamentals of accessibility as well as the important and time-saving role that automated testing plays in ensuring accessible design and development is critical. The Tenon team can deliver training that helps your team get the most out of Tenon as part of their entire accessibility practice.

Consulting & Support

Putting a robust accessibility testing program into place can seem daunting, particularly if you're new to accessibility. Tenon's team has worked with dozens of companies just like yours and can help navigate your way toward a robust accessibility management program centered in a quality-oriented approach to universal design.