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Not sure what play is right for you? Check out our API Call Estimator to help you make the right choice!


Free forever, buy new "Boost" API calls, or upgrade as needed!

API Calls (per month)
API Calls (per month)

Plus: Free training!

API Calls (per month)

Plus: Free training!

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Need more usage or more users? Want your own private instance?

What is an "API Call"?

Tenon allows you to test entire web pages and portions of a page. If you test an entire web page at a time, that is 1 API call. Some customers use Tenon as part of functional testing or testing portions of page templates/ template partials. Each time one of those gets tested, it is an API call. If you need any additional guidance on which plan to choose or how to define an API call, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Need to issue a PO? Need us to invoice?

We are happy to accommodate customers who wish to be invoiced. Please visit our purchasing page for more information.

Special Programs

We offer special discounts for open source projects, local governments, public school systems (primary/ secondary), community colleges, 501C(3) non-profits, web developer training schools/ bootcamps.