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Want to get started using the Tenon API but not sure where to start? Explore the options listed below that were created by Tenon or our community of users.

Most of the projects listed below are available under the MIT License.

Looking for something not listed here or have an idea for an integration? Give us a shout! We love working on new integrations.

Browser Plugins

Tenon-Check for Chrome
Browser plugin to allow you to test the current page using Tenon within Chrome.
Tenon-Check for Opera
Browser plugin to allow you to test the current page using Tenon within Opera.
Tenon-Check for Firefox
Browser plugin to allow you to test the current page using Tenon within Firefox.

Content Management Systems

Access Monitor
Access Monitor runs accessibility tests of your WordPress site, either on the front-end or in the administration. It runs an automated scan of your site using the web accessibility service.
Tenon Drupal
Drupal Module for
CascadeCMS, by Hannon Hill
An on-demand page-level tool for checking page content for WCAG 2.0 Level A, AA, and AAA compliance. A list of issues is provided with links to relevant areas on the page and details about the violation, remediation steps, and the specific WCAG guidelines in violation.
Silverstripe Tenon
Check the accessibility of your SilverStripe site with this module that integrates with Tenon.

Linting, Unit Testing, and CI/CD

Gulp Tenon Client
Gulp plugin built on the Tenon API Client.
Grunt Tenon Client
Grunt plugin, written by the same developer of the Tenon API client and Gulp Tenon Client listed above.
Tenon CLI
Command-line Interface to the Tenon API.
Grunt Tenon
Another Grunt plugin, written by Andrew Babaian of Razorfish.
Grunt Tenon Inline
Allows you to inline all of your files for use within a Grunt task.
Tenon Reporters
Another project by Justin Stockton, this provides the ability to pipe our JSON format into other formats such as HTML and xUnit, the latter of which is particularly useful for Jenkins/ Hudson.
Protractor Accessibility Plugin
Provides the ability to test your Angular projects with either the Accessibility Developer Tool from Chrome or Tenon.
Tenon Visual Studio Plugin
Plugin for testing accessbility directly from within Visual Studio.
Fractal Tenon
An add-on for Fractal that lets you test your components against Tenon for accessibility issues.
An addon for Intern that lets users write tests targeting various accessibility testing systems.

Demos & Examples: Linting, Unit Testing, and CI/CD

Tenon Selenium Example
by Justin Stockton, repo shows some simple examples of how to perform Tenon assertions as part of a set of functional tests driven by
Grunt Tenon Demo
Full demo of the Grunt plugin above. This shows how to use the plugin itself, including doing accessibility testing of a responsive design as well as how to use it as part of Travis CI builds.
Github Issue Push Example
Demonstrates creating new issues in a Github project using Tenon.
Jira Issue Push Example
Demonstrates creating new issues in a Jira project using Tenon.

Programming Languages

Sample PHP Class
Uses cURL and PHP to submit requests to Tenon, receive the response, and display the issue in HTML or write issues to CSV.
Python wrapper for the API, by Justin Stockton. pip users can install directly by running pip install tenon-python.
Tenon API Client (Node-Module)
This module is used in Tenon Grunt Plugin and Tenon Gulp Plugin or can be used as the basis of your own plugin. Of particular note is the fact that this module will inline local files to allow for more accurate testing.
Tenon Node
Node module written by Justin Stockton, offers the ability to analyze a URL or source. C# API client 1.0.0
Source also available onĀ Github.