API Call Estimator

What is an "API Call"?

Some people test an entire page at a time. In those cases, a single page is an API call. We use "API calls" because some people use Tenon as part of unit testing and may only test parts of a web page.

Basically, every time you test something - be it an entire page or only part of a page - it is an API call.

Tenon's subscription plans offer very high usage limits, however there's no need to buy more than you really need. We think you should buy what you need without paying too much.

Use our API call estimator to figure out the right plan for you.

Current Site(s)

Not sure? Go to Google and enter: site:example.com replacing, example.com with your site's domain, of course. The number of results returned is how many pages Google has indexed on the site.

Generally, you don't really need to test a site repeatedly unless you plan on diligently fixing what we find. Testing pages that haven't changed since the last time you tested adds unnecessary expense. Hint: use a decimal value here for non-monthly usage. For instance: "0.33" would mean you'd plan on testing the entire site(s) once per quarter

Content Management

This can be a big deal on content-heavy sites with a lot of contributors

You don't have to test every revision, of course, but in practice people do tend to test a page, fix it, and test again at least a couple of times while authoring content.


The best way to manage accessibility is to avoid issues in the first place. Testing each commit before it gets pushed to version control can save you a ton of money in both the short and long term.

Yeah, we know some commits might have only one changed file while others might have a bunch. Try to estimate, or just leave it at 1.


Total API calls per month 0
Pages on your site(s) 0
Test frequency 1
New Content Calls 0 (0 new pages, revised an estimated 1 times each)
Developer Calls 0

Based on the above, we recommend the Free (using boosts) Plan for you.

The Free (using boosts) Plan provides you with 0 API calls per month and 1 user account, but you can buy API calls as you need them. If you find that you need more API calls or users, you can upgrade at any time without penalty.

Buy the Small plan now!

Based on the above, we recommend our Elite SaaS, Private Cloud, or Enterprise solutions.

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