22 - Tenon Check

Description of the Tenon Check browser add on. [02:32]


  1. I mentioned before in previous videos, there's a whole bunch of other client applications that are out there available for free for people to use. All you got to do is go to this Get Code link at the top of Tenon. We've got a whole bunch of other pieces of code; example code, and also plug-ins, and stuff like that.
  2. This one we are going to talk about this time is Tenon Check. It's available for Opera and Firefox, as well. I'm going to do the one on Chrome because it's the browser that I am using. If you go there, you'll get taken to the store. Of course there's a page here.
  3. When you add it to Chrome, you'll see this Tenon icon here at the top. What that does, is basically, it just activates a free check against a given website that you're on. We've been using Google in the past, so we're going to go to Google now.
  4. Once Google loads on my browser, I'm just going to hit that button, and that's going to to go ahead and run one of the free demo checks right against that page, right there. We'll see the results display in a second.
  5. What's really interesting about this, though, is that you can log in before you run your test. I'm going to log in real quick. Of course my dashboard loads. I'm going to go back over to Google page and I'm going to strike this button again. Hit that button.
  6. What's going to happen this time is, because I'm logged in, it will actually be trapped in my account, in that default project. Once this page loads, we'll see the results, same as before. There we go. Then if I go back to my history, I'll see that my most recently tested page is going to be Google. There it is.
  7. That's a really powerful way to go ahead and get some really quick testing without having to go and log in, or any of that sort of stuff, or run the Test Now right from dashboard. Just click that button, get your results.
  8. It works exactly the same in Firefox and Opera, as well.