02 - "Test Now" - With Options

Manipulating test options when using the Test Now feature. [01:47]


  1. We can also use the TestNow with some options. I'm going to enter my URL. Then it's Google again. Underneath that I have link here that says, "Show Options." If I hit "Show Options," I get a list of options. All of these options are options for the Tenon API itself.
  2. I'm going explain a lot of these in a different video, but we have here minimum certainty, minimum priority, page importance, WCAG level, user agent string, report ID or document ID, and do we want Tenon to store the results. These are all the options here, and I can modify some options. I'll change this WCAG AA, and I think I'll just leave it at that.
  3. Then I want to hide the options, and analyze the page, and I get my results. We see here that the previous test had 12 issues. Now that I've changed it to WCAG AA, I have only nine issues.
  4. As we see again as well, because I had changed the WCAG level to double A, we also have more tests that we've passed. In the previous example we had 54 tests passed and 8 not passed. In this case we have 56 passed and 6 passed. That's how to use some of the options. We'll go through a lot more of those options in another video.