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01 - Test Now

An overview of Tenon's free single page tester. [03:05]


In this video, we're going to take a look at the most basic functionality within Tenon, and that is our single page test that's on our demo. We call this the Demo. We also refer to this as Test Now. We're just going to demonstrate this.

Now, you can do a couple of things with this. The first thing you can do, and I'm just going to do it right now, is enter a URL and have it tested.


Now, I've entered the URL, and I'm going to hit analyze your web page.


Now, what Tenon has done is it has gone out to the URL, It followed this redirect here. That gets us to the full URL. It's tested the page by testing the rendered DOM from the browser. It has come back with its results.

We see here that we have a heading here, Stored Test Results. We have a Share link, in case you wanted to copy that and share it with someone else. We have some information here, 12 issues found for Google.

It gives us our processing time, our screen size -- I'll talk about that in a minute -- page size. It gives us an immediate link to download a CSV file of all the issues.

On the right here, we have two graphs. This presents us with the number of tests and the number of tests that have passed and failed. It says 62 tests total, 54 have passed, 8 have not passed. Then as we go to this other pie chart here, it tells us the percentage of issues per WCAG success criteria on this page.

That's just a quick glance at where things are.

Below that, however, is the important bits. That is the information on the specific errors. We'll talk about that later in much more detail. It gives us the code that was found to be in error, and some information about the error.

Another thing I can do; actually, I can go back to that test now. I can enter code in here. I'm going to enter some code in here. I'm going to enter an image without ALT. Foo.PNG. That's just going to be a piece of code, then I'm going to hit Analyze My Web Page, and I get my errors there.

Tenon's test now can analyze a URL, or analyze HTML code, and you can do them all from the same spot. That is Test Now.

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