Known Issues

Known Issues with accessibility tests

The following are issues with the accessibility tests on Tenon. Under most circumstances, bad tests will be revised or eliminated immediately upon noticing the problem. However, the tests below are not bad tests but rather in need of improvement. If you're experiencing any of the below issues you can turn the test(s) off within your test settings.

  • General: visibility detection algorithm inaccurately detects things as visible when they are not
  • TEN-4337 Test 148 should more intelligently determine if CSS-generated content is empty and only fail if the element that has the CSS-generated content has nothing in the DOM sub-tree
  • TEN-4326 (test for orphaned ARIA attributes) doesn't take into consideration the computed role for an element
  • TEN-3603 tenon-tests: tID_97 should not show for tests of page fragments
  • TEN-3879 test 175 is flagging legit lang codes that have locale
  • TEN-3925 Test 216's selector should explicitly avoid duplication with 238
  • TEN-4021 tID 253 throws false positives for non-latin characters
  • TEN-4033 TH tests (163 & 240) should not flag header cells that are display:none
  • TEN-4098 Revise tests 57 & 91. 57 finds any empty link. 91 finds empty links with BG image. 57 should avoid links with BG images
  • TEN-4099 Test 93 should not flag things that have href="#"
  • TEN-4193 Target size test (152) should not flag text-based controls. Per WCAG, text-based controls are exempted.
  • TEN-4226 test ID 13 should not fail for display:none; iframes
  • TEN-4228 aria-current="page" flagged by testing API
  • TEN-4230 230 should only flag if there's actual text in the element
  • TEN-4251 Test 98 should not map to 2.4.4

Known Issues with the web UI

The following is a list of known issues within Tenon's Web UI. The issues below are bugs that cause features to work incorrectly or not work at all.

  • TEN-3959 Dashboard filter dates not working
  • TEN-3999 Table sorting incorrectly. Values < 1 but > 0 are treated as though they are < 0.
  • TEN-4244 Dashboard loading causes CPU of DB to spike to 80%-100%
  • TEN-4278 We need a new way of deleting projects. Because of the potentially massive number of records associated with a project, the delete process takes a very long time and may even time out.
  • TEN-4291 Research Stats Global data on stats by technology missing