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API Documentation

Web accessibility testing has a problem: testing after the fact. Tenon seeks to solve that. Tenon is a one of a kind accessibility testing tool in that it is aimed at offering unprecedented flexibility in tooling for designers developers testers and content authors.

Tenon achieves these goals via its API which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing toolset. It doesn't matter what IDE you use, what CMS you use, what automated build and deploy tool you use, or what you use for unit testing, acceptance testing, or issue tracking, Tenon can be added to these workflows. This ability to test early and often allows you to catch and fix accessibility issues before they happen, not after, and allows you to release accessible code from the beginning. To get the most from your testing read the following docs.

Test API

Prior to the release of the Projects API (see below), this is what we referred to as "The API". Currently the Test API is a very simple request-response type API. You submit a URL and get back test results.

Projects API & Spider

This is a beta feature

In our Fall 2017 release, Tenon released a new Projects API which includes the ability to spider a website. The Projects API is fully RESTful and, together with the Test API, allows you to do all of your testing without using the website:

Reports API