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Developer Relations

As Tenon's first DevRel and Community Manager, your goal will be to increase brand awareness and exert influence on Web standards and on the accessibility industry. You will become the voice and face of Tenon. By sharing your knowledge with others, you will personally demonstrate the expertise and spirit that people can count on from Tenon. You will also assist in helping us propagate that expertise and spirit through your participation in standards bodies like the W3C and in professional organizations like the IAAP and UXPA.

What you will do

  • Appearances at conferences and meetups. Your primary focus will be to appear at conferences and meetups to talk about accessibility. Your talks do not need to focus on Tenon products & services – though a brief message would always be expected. Instead, you should seek to share actionable knowledge about accessibility with the attendees.
  • Blog & article writing. Another major focus will be to write blog posts and articles. On our blog you'll focus on highlighting product features or sharing important pieces of accessibility information that few may have considered. You will also seek to publish articles on popular development-related websites such as CSS-Tricks, A List Apart, and Smashing Magazine.
  • Conference sponsorships. You will work to research opportunities for Tenon to sponsor conferences. With an eye for maximum reach, you will advise on which conferences to sponsor or exhibit at.
  • Event organization. You will help to curate and host our monthly webinar series, technica11y (pronounced "technically") and eventually help to organize and curate a single day conference of the same name. You will also work to organize "side events" to mainstream events and/ or sponsor & curate accessibility tracks of mainstream events.
  • Mentoring co-workers. You will work to mentor your co-workers who want to speak at conferences and help to facilitate their success in getting speaking slots. You will help collaborate on materials and ensure their quality.
  • W3C representation. You will represent Tenon at the W3C and participate in working groups and interest groups relevant to what we do.
  • IAAP/ UXPA representation. You will represent Tenon at the IAAP and UXPA at the International, National, and local level.

How we will support you

  • Budget. In addition to your employee compensation, we will allocate a yearly budget for supporting your work. This includes travel & meals as well as any approved expenses.
  • Development. In any case where your presentation or article materials require development of sample code our team will assist you along the way.
  • Marketing & Materials. We will provide you with any necessary marketing for events you organize/ sponsor as well as supplying whatever conference swag and giveaways seem appropriate for the event.
  • Project Management. You won't be left to tackle all of these tasks on your own. We will assist you by providing project management help along the way.

Integrations Developer

When Tenon launched to the public, it was nothing short of revolutionary. No web accessibility testing product provided an API. No web accessibility testing product was dedicated to being integrated into other systems rather than functioning as a standalone system. Our customers and developer community have created plugins for 6 content management systems, plugins for Grunt & Gulp, Node modules, Python Wrappers, browser plugins, and more. We are now seeking a full-time developer who is focused solely to creating more integrations.

What you will do

We currently have a wish list of about 50 or so integrations that we’d like to create that allow Tenon to be added to various other systems, ranging from simple things like custom commands for unit test frameworks to plugins to content management systems. Your job will be to participate in the prioritization of which integrations to work on and to develop the integrations themselves.

In addition, your responsibilities will include assisting in the creation of samples and tutorial code for use by our Developer Relations staff.

The ideal candidate will be a true full-stack developer. While the vast majority of your work will deal with JavaScript, you should also be well-versed in Python, PHP, and Java as well as front-end development with HTML and CSS. You should have a strong understanding of modern software development practices such as Git, unit-testing, functional testing, and continuous integration. Familiarity with the APIs of various issue tracking systems, deployment systems, and content management systems is a plus.