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Accessibility as a Service

IMPORTANT UPDATE Level Access has acquired Tenon

Every user should have equal access to your website. Tenon's tools, testing and training fix accessibility for your entire organisation.

  • Tools

    Need an automated accessibility testing tool? Our API integrates into your development pipeline.

    • Tenon tests your code as you develop, not after deployment.
    • Tenon integrates with IDEs, Jira, Git, Grunt and other tools.
    • Tenon accurately identifies WCAG 2.0, 2.1 and Section 508 issues in any environment.
    • Tenon Enterprise gives you the security and privacy of a private cloud or on-premise instance.
  • Testing

    Need an accessible website asap? Tenon's testers, developers and auditors fix accessibility fast.

    • We audit your website to identify accessibility gaps.
    • We test and fix the accessibility of your highest traffic pages.
    • We test and fix the accessibility of your highest traffic content and features.
    • We work with your developers to test and adapt core system UI patterns affecting accessibility.
  • Training

    Need to fix accessibility forever? Tenon can help you to become an accessible organization.

    • Review accessibility processes.
    • Define accessibility KPIs.
    • Integrate Tenon into your development pipeline.
    • Pair program with Tenon developers.
    • Train all roles in accessibility.
    • Create accessibility procedures and policies for every role.

Why Tenon?

Mastercard, Delta Airlines and Bed, Bath & Beyond trust Tenon to keep their websites accessible.

Tenon doesn't just make the best automated accessibility testing tools on the market; we can solve any accessibility problem. Tenon has produced hundred of VPATs and accessibility audits. Our rapid remediation service fixes accessibility issues on your website while testing is ongoing. Our developers can train your dev team to write accessible code and help you to define the KPIs and processes you need to become a truly accessible organization.

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Testing Tools

  • Tenon is an API-first,automated accessibility testing tool which integrates easily into your development pipeline. Get started with a free trial, select one of our paid plans or get a free consultation to learn how to integrate Tenon into your particular development pipeline.

    Tenon is a tool I lean on every day and I love it! It makes me a better developer :)
    Joe WatkinsEmerge Interactive
  • Tenon Integrations

    Keep your code in Git? Tenon can ensure your latest pull request is approved or crawl your project weekly and send you a report by e-mail. Check out Tenon's browser plugins and get integration code for your CMS, unit testing and CI/CD tools.

    Calling the API is straightforward. We used it to create our own website testing application.
    John RochfordProgram Director and Faculty Member, UMass Medical School
  • Tenon Enterprise

    Tenon Enterprise provides a private cloud or on-premise instance of Tenon, ideal for customers who work in highly regulated environments. Tenon Enterprise can be added to automated build and continuous deployment systems. KPIs and clear reports track improvements in the accessibility of your website over time.

    Tenon's API is well-documented and easily integrated with our workflow.
    Leigh HarrisonDepartment of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Government
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Big Brands Trust Tenon

  • Mastercard
  • National Australia Bank
  • Delta Airlines
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • California Community Colleges
  • Health Partners

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Whether you need accessibility tools, testing, training or an audit, Tenon can help.

Tenon Tips

Tenon's staff are accessibility experts with years of experience. In Tenon Tips we share useful insights on accessibility issues, specifications and best practices.

  • Blog

    Extreme Accessibility: Rapid Discovery And Remediation

    An audit alone won't fix your accessibility issues. Here's how extreme accessibility can shorten the feedback loop between finding and fixing accessibility defects.

  • Blog

    Accessible Validation Of Checkbox And Radiobutton Groups

    While we were building our own accessible components library called Tenon UI, we found that it is surprisingly difficult to accessibly link validation and additional informative or hint texts to checkbox and radiobutton groups. In this article we will discuss our findings and propose a reliable solution, but first we will start by looking at the standard recommended ARIA method.

  • Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf 2018

    Bleeding Edge Accessibility

    If we live long enough most of us will experience some kind of functionality limitation. That doesn't mean we should be denied access to information, services or even cutting edge design. Karl Groves, CEO of Tenon shows how accessibility doesn't need to stifle creativity.

  • Technica11y

    Jared Smith: Accessibility Mechanics

    Jared Smith, Associate Director of WebAIM, discusses the interplay between page content (including ARIA), browser parsing/rendering, accessibility APIs, and assistive technology - something that is increasingly important for developers to have a sense of when implementing and testing accessibility.

  • Blog

    What to do when you are sued for your inaccessible website

    If you find yourself on the wrong end of a complaint letter, there are things you can do to avoid a long, costly, and potentially embarrassing fight.

  • Event

    The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit, March 12th 2019

    For many executives and lawyers, accessibilty lawsuits are an entirely new area. The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit brings together accessibility and legal experts to share best practices.

Tenon near you

  • Conference


    May 15-17, 2019

    Human Determination: A critique of CAPTCHAs

    Job van Achterberg will be speaking on the ethical implications of CAPTCHA usage.

  • Conference

    NCDT 2019

    May 16, 2019

    Accessible forms and their implementation in modern JavaScript frameworks

    Almero Steyn will demonstrate how to build accessible forms in HTML and then translate that to modern JavaScript applications, with React as example.

  • Conference

    Perl Con 2019

    August, 2019

    Human Determination: A critique of CAPTCHAs

    Job van Achterberg will be speaking on the ethical implications of CAPTCHA usage.


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